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We are the Top Car Battery replacement Service provider in Dubai. We have been providing to the general public and trade all types of Care batteries in the UAE since before 2013. We stock all leading brand batteries such as Ac Delco, Exide, Solite, Suzuki, Bosch, and Platinium – which are all fully guaranteed.

Facing problems in starting engine of your car or SUV because of battery that is no longer in working condition or showing problems in charging?

You need not worry about battery issues related to your car or SUV for the battery problems you are facing. Get complete solutions for all your battery packs – no matter which make and model of car or SUV you are driving. We are the Dubai car battery specialists providing Car battery change, Car battery replacement, car battery delivery and car battery fitting at your place. We are fixing all kind of car batteries in all over in Dubai.

We provide wet and support free and from every single mainstream brand of high caliber to suit the particulars of your car. Batteries are ensured to be at most minimal costs in the market, significantly less expensive than you can discover at your workshop or extra part shops, in addition to an essential a year guarantee. When you require mechanical and car battery repair in Dubai call us for a technician and we come to you at no additional cost.

Battery of good quality is not really originated from foreign and costly batteries. At Alkhalid Auto Garage, we give the best batteries which are appropriate with Dubai’s atmosphere – warm and of high mugginess, and as indicated for your car display.

Battery Fixing services.

Alkhalid Auto Garage provides all kind of car battery replacement services in all over in Dubai.

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Your car’s motor may keep running on gas yet its electrical segments, including the headlights, inside hardware and turn flag lights, keep running off a battery. At the point when your car’s battery is old, depleted or generally not working legitimately, you may encounter issues extending from a languid motor begin to spilling battery corrosive or a “check motor” light on your dashboard. Regardless of whether you’re performing routine upkeep or endeavoring to rapidly take care of an unforeseen battery issue, Alkhalid Auto Garage has the provisions you have to take care of business at Every Day Low Prices. Alkhalid Auto Garage  offers an assortment of car battery choices in various sizes and voltages notwithstanding helpful car battery UAE-related adornments, for example, versatile battery chargers, jumper links and charging framework screens. A large number of the batteries and embellishments are accessible with free two-day delivery or same-day in-store pickup so you can rapidly recover your car or truck up and running.

Breakdown circumstances can happen whenever. In the event that you get got with a flat battery, have secured your keys in the car or your vehicle comes up short on fuel, basically Alkhalid Auto Garage, your trusted nearby emergency roadside help master. Car battery delivery Dubai has no yearly enrollment charges or irritating roadside joining expenses that aggravate your breakdown encounter even. Did you realize that Roadside Assistance participation does exclude the cost of a battery? Roadside Assistance suppliers charge you for the battery so don’t agree to second best, pick Alkhalid Auto Garage, Dubai’s put stock in battery expert.


  1. Alkhalid Auto Garage associates car proprietors with master mechanics who offer a portable Car Battery Replacement Service Dubai through us. Developing the evergreen issue of having frenzied existences and not having room schedule-wise to manage numerous things, we comprehend and accordingly oblige all your auto service and repair needs by means of a versatile and productive service. Our service can go to your home or office, at your coveted time, at a foreordained cost, and with an accomplished and guaranteed technician. Along these lines, your car gets settled or repaired while you proceed with your different assignments and everything is done and finished easily – much like your car will be after our services are directed!

  2. It relies upon the kind of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to. Our mechanics are versatile, which implies they don’t have the overhead that repair shops have. They give you accommodation by going to your home or office. The car battery is the thing that powers each electrical segment and enables your car to begin. Eventually, it will require supplanting, yet how would you know when? Is there an approach to tell in the event that it is falling flat? To what extent does it last? We should begin with why the battery should be supplanted: Most cars have lead-corrosive based power that are comprised of six cells loaded with an electrolyte. The power will lose some of its charging limit after some time. Sooner or later, the limit will drop so low that the battery won’t have the capacity to begin your car.