New car sales have been in decline over the past few years, while used car sales have remained constant. With more people looking to buy used cars, buyers are facing a growing problem: lack of reliable information about the car.

Buying of a used car is never easy. Usually the buyers of used cars doesn’t have enough technical knowledge and proper tools to inspect the car properly, which can lead used cars buyers to lose money and it can be a headache later. At Alkhalid Auto Garage in Dubai we do a comprehensive used car Pre Purchase inspection manually with special tools as well as with the specific computers / scanners to provide you a comprehensive inspection report. Which helps our customers to make a better decision about their investment in buying a used car.

Alkhalid Auto Garage is one of the start-ups in the region

Alkhalid Auto Garage is one of the start-ups in the region that looks at solving that problem by offering pre-purchase vehicle inspections.  “The only person, who knows about the true condition of a used car, is the seller – who is obviously biased. With no nation-wide database for vehicle accidents, and no access to service records, the only way to reveal the true condition of the car is by inspecting it.”

 Purchasing vehicles from the US to resell them in the UAE is a common practice, and many customers buy these cars because of the low prices. Unfortunately, most cars inspected turn out to be accident, or salvage cars. Modern cars come with an array of sensors that monitor the cars performance and faults. With vehicle inspections often only taking an hour, the vehicle diagnostics report will quickly highlight potential problems that need to be investigated.

Looking to buy a used car? Then a thorough pre-purchase inspection is important. It takes more than just a quick look to make sure you get your money’s worth. Alkhalid Auto Garage Auto  will perform the details of a comprehensive car inspection checklist. At Alkhalid Auto Garage we can provide a full multi-point car Inspection. From Wheels to Wiper Blades our trained Technicians check and report on over 120 items including any signs of previous accident or mechanical damage, Brake Condition, Tyre Tread Depth and Engine Oil Quality.

We will not just provide you a 5 Page Vehicle Report but confidence that your car has been checked by Trained and Skilled Professionals that can offer honest, sound advice about the vehicles condition and any upcoming work that might be required.

Vehicle Inspection Report

                                                                                            What’s Included:

  • Full inspection of the vehicle’s body panels for previous repairs and corrosion
  • Paintwork, condition, oxidization and color match if previously repaired
  • Interior, wear and tear, panel fit
  • Engine condition, general performance, and noise, exhaust smoke, leaks, fluid condition
  • Mechanical defects, gearbox, clutch, suspension, bearings etc
  • Electrical components and equipment function check
  • Tyre condition, wear, age and general condition
  • Exhaust system condition
  • Analysis of service history.