Car Detailing Dubai


Our comprehensive range of exterior and interior detailing services guarantees that your car will always maintain a pristine appearance. Our skilled technicians specialize in revitalizing and safeguarding your car's finish. Whether it's refreshing your interior upholstery, preserving the paintwork, or applying window tinting, we are the trusted experts.

Al Khalid Auto Garage in Dubai provides professional car detailing services. Their skilled technicians specialize in restoring the appearance of your vehicle to its original shine. They offer a range of services, including thorough exterior cleaning, polishing, waxing, and interior detailing.

Detailing services

At Al Khalid Auto Garage offer a selection of interior and exterior detailing services to ensure your car looks in perfect condition.
● Window tinting (available at selected AutoPro locations)
● Interior detailing
● Exterior detailing
● Engine guard
● Paint protection
● Upholstery guard
● Ultra-master body guard